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Our handmade removeable vinyl wall decals and laptop notebook macbook computer vinyl decal stickers are available in white, black and also more than 25 other colors choices that can make your walls and laptop computer look unique and customized. Our decals can be placed on walls, windows, mirrors, or lightly textured surfaces.

Kaboodle is a website that features itself as a guide to products that are hand-selected and recommended to others by shoppers like you. Lewa's Designs' Dandelion in the Wind Wall Decal has been added by 427 Kaboodlers, making it one of the most popular pieces of a wall art on Kaboodle's site.

Because of this exceptional popularity, Lewa's Designs has been featured within the Designer Spotlight on Kaboodle - Go check it out. Lewa's Designs on Kaboodle.

Kaboodle has put together a slideshow of our fun wall decals that they have chosen to feature.
Click Here to view their selection of Fun Vinyl Wall Decals from Lewa's Designs.

Click Here to view some of Lewa's Designs' Products as featured as 'Popular Product' picks on Kaboodle.com.

Knitting Decals for Knitters
Craftgossip.com is a blog about everything crafty. Our knitting decals for macbook laptop computers and knitting wall and car window decals have been featured on this site.
Click here to see their blog that features our knitting decals.

Our knitting decals for walls, cars and laptop computers are featured on a Blog about Knitting by Holli Yeoh.

A Soft Place to Land is a Blog by Kimba that features ways for women to connect and share interests and Hobbies.
Vinyl Wall Art Decals from Lewa's Designs has been featured on this blog.

Lewa's Designs has handmade removable vinyl wall art decals listed on Etsy.com, which is a website community of handmade items. Lewa's Designs on Etsy.com

Lewa's Designs - Removable Wall and Laptop Decals
Our matte finish material makes Lewa's Designs Vinyl Wall Art Decals look as if they have been painted right on your walls. They are easy to set in place and are easily removed when it is time for a change (or to move, etc). Does it get any better than that?
Instructions for use and a 'Little Extra' decal to practice with and enjoy will be included in your order. Video instructions also on our blog!

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