Chevron Frame Custom Name Wall Decal
Chevron Frame Custom Name Wall Decal
Chevron Frame Custom Name Wall Decal
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Product Description
This is a modern Chevron Pattern design that includes a Custom Name Wall Decal. What a unique look this would be to any room.
Great in a baby nursery, kids room, or anywhere!
Even try 'Welcome', 'Family' or 'Home' for a modern entryway chevron decal.

Chevron Frame Decal measures approximately 40" wide and 23" tall.
Length and height of the name inside the chevron frame depends on the particular name created, but will often fall between 10"-16" tall and 20"-32" wide.

The font will be as shown in the thumbnail image to the left.
Double Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger view.

With this Personalized Name Wall Decal, you can customize your child's room with his or her name in your choice of colors.
Choose your COLORS.

Select the color of your choice for both the chevron frame and your custom name.

Color of the chevron frame will be the color you select above, then the cutouts of the zigzag pattern show your wall color. Perfect.
This is a fun and modern design for your fun and modern nursery.

Because the chevron pattern is fairly busy, we suggest selecting colors with a good amount of contrast between the chevron frame and the name to be placed on top so that it shows up well.
(We love the mint or turquoise chevron decal color with charcoal or black name on top, or charcoal or soot gray chevron decal with a brighter Deep Pink or Tangerine name on top. Okay, there are a TON of great combo's. Customize away!)

Type in the name with the upper and lower case letters as you would like it to be.

This can be a baby name wall decal that is designed to compliment your nursery room decor. As with all of our vinyl wall decals, our custom name vinyl wall decal made personalized with your child's name is made of high quality vinyl and is easy to apply to a wall, mirror, glass, or any smooth or even a wall with light texture. Easy application instructions are included with your order.

This custom name wall decal will look as if it is painted right on your wall. Our vinyl wall decals are removable and very easy to remove when it is time to change the look of the wall or room decor as you baby or child grows. We have many baby room nursery decals that can be changed as your need to decorate your home changes with time.